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May 13th: Gerard Christopher will be appearing at two conventions coming up, so get your Superboy DVD boxes ready for him to sign! Yes, he will appearing at the Hollywood Show Los Angeles in July (go to this link for details), and he will also be at the Tampa Bay comic con in August! Go here for details on that. Meet Superboy himself if he is in your area.  

April 14th: Some exciting new things for Superboy fans. Two new videos from Superboy Theater shot at The Hollywood Show 2014 with Richard Kiel and Michael J. Pollard, and, a segment of the Jim Calvert interview has been edited for your viewing pleasure. Calvert discusses a specific episode (Succubus). Very exciting! You can view it here!

November 2nd: Check out a WB Archive podcast discussion on the current releases of Superboy the TV series at this link. Very informative! In addition, watch the Superboy Theater unboxing of the season 4 DVD set, The Adventures of Superboy, at the link here. Enjoy!

October 29th: It's here, Superfriends! Season 4 of The Adventures of Superboy on DVD! Starring Gerard Christopher and distributed by WB Archives, you can even get a limited signed edition (signed by Gerard) if you are fast enough. You can purchase it here. The circle is now complete - we did it, Superboy fans. The complete series is now available on DVD. And for overseas fans, don't dismay - will be selling it and it will surely appear on ebay soon enough.

October 10th: WB Archives with panel discussion will be in New York this weekend at the New York comic con to talk about "Not so forgotten series" including Superboy, the TV series. If you are in the area, or have a ticket (as most have already sold out) be sure get there. Mike Carlin will be on the panel to discuss the show as well. Visit the convention website here for more information on this awesome 75th Superman Anniversary event!

October 9th: Happy Birthday to Jim Calvert! TJ White from Superboy, the TV series! Best wishes from Superboy Theater.

July 12th: WB Archives is releasing season 3 of Superboy, the TV series at their WBshop! Postage is free because the cost is above $25.00! So get yours here today!

June 23rd: Good news for Superboy fans! The rest of the Superboy TV series is now available on itunes! You can now own them yourselves in great quality. To download season 3, go to this link. Season 4, go to this link. And happy Superboy watching! Our mission is complete. Well, almost. The remaining DVD seasons will surely get released soon as well by WB Archive. So keep updated with Superboy Theater! 

May 25th: Episode 2 of Krypton Chronicles: The Podcast is now online here. There is short discussion at the end of the episode about a possible Superboy movie since WB now owns the complete rights to Superboy.  

May 1st: Stacy Haiduk is appearing at another convention ... the Motor City Con in Michigan. If you live in the area, be sure to meet her and get your Superboy autograph! Go to this website for more information.  

April 31st: Watch the Superboy Theater Show, Episode 21 - Ilan Mitchell-Smith signs the Webmaster's Superboy items, now up on youtube here.  

April 30th: Superboy Theater covered the Chiller Theater Expo Superboy TV series cast reunion in Parsippany, NJ! Exclusive video coming up with Stacy Haiduk, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Tracy Roberts (as well Jule McCullough who appeared in a season one role with John Haymes Newton in the episode "A Kind of Princess"!). Also, a legacy event for Mariel Hemingway who appears with Stacy Haiduk ... the Superman Legacy! For now, view some great photos of this event at Superboy Theater right here.  

March 30th:  A documentary about the Superboy TV series is now in production! Superboy Theater just recently shot an on-camera interview with TJ White himself - Jim Calvert! He had some very exciting things to say about his stint on the show. Click here to see a screen cap of the Calvert interview. You can read about the documentary  here

March 19th: Superboy Theater has been doing some spring cleaning. So if you see some things missing from the front of the website, no dismay because I have probably moved them onto other pages! This is to make the website easier to navigate. Thanks loyal readers, from Superboy Theater.  

March 10th: Stacy Haiduk and Ilan Mitchell-Smith from Superboy: The TV Series will be appearing together at The Chiller Con in NJ this April 26th-28th! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to meet both. Superboy Theater will be there to cover the convention with photos and video. For info, visit this website. And be there or be square, Superboy fans!  

February 3rd: Last year, Gerard Christopher and Stacy Haiduk saw each for the first time since the last shooting day of Superboy in 1992 (at the Hollywood Show, Burbank!). Superboy Theater got it all on HD video for the fans to see! Enjoy and click this link here. Also, new info has sprung up that Superboy Theater's first website under a different name dates back to year 2000. This old Star Wars website was connected to the original Superboy site back in 2000, archived by Geocities in 2009. Hard to keep track of these things.   

February 22: Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang) will be appearing at the Motor City convention in her own home town of Grand Rapids, MI, this coming May 18th - 19th. Get details here.  In addition, she will also be appearing at the Chiller Theater Expo this April 26-28th in NJ. Get details here. Don't miss her - meet Lana Lang in person! 

February 12th: The Webmaster of Superboy Theater has launched a new Internet Radio Show and Podcast called Krypton Chronicles: The Podcast. Episode 1 is currently up on Youtube and soon will be available on both Podbean and iTunes. The first episode discusses the upcoming release of Man of Steel but also dabbles into Superboy the TV Series, and the Chris Reeve Movies. Hosted by Renne Cowan and Kyle "Krypton Man" Cowan, this podcast will also cover Superboy, the TV series. Go here to listen to Episode one of Krypton Chronicles!

January 19th: The Superboy Theater DVD Review of Superboy Season 2 WB Archive release is up on youtube! Watch it at Superboy Theater's youtube channel here.  This is the first video of a series of videos that will be put up for the following releases of seasons 3 and 4. Also, stay tuned for more in-depth reviews as the Webmaster of Superboy Theater sits down with other fans as well - a sit-down with Ginger De Los Rios and Ric Alfonso as we discuss and review the season 2 DVD release! 

December 5th: It appears WB Archives pulled a Santa Clause on fans this year and kept it a secret that season 2 was indeed getting released! And in time for Christmas! Yes, that's right...season 2 of Superboy the TV Series is now available on DVD. The labor of the Superboy websites and fan petitions have not been in vain. Pre-order your copy here and don't delay. This is a great way to start off the year. Merry Christmas from Superboy Theater!

December 3rd: A new Stacy Haiduk interview segment is now up on the Superboy Theater youtube channel: Gerard Christopher vs. John Haymes Newton! Stacy discusses what it was like to perform alongside two different Superboy actors. Check it out and more to come. 

November 2nd:  Here is a recent interview up on the net with Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Andy from Superboy). Read the interview here and enjoy. 





The Superboy TV series was a half-hour syndicated television series that debuted on October 8th, 1988, and after four seasons, finished on May 17, 1992. A total of 100 episodes were accumulated. It was produced by the same producers of the first three Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve as Superman: The Salkinds. The Salkinds also produced the Supergirl movie (1984).

The series was distributed by Viacom. The producers are famously known as Alexander and Ilya Salkind. The series depicted Superman in his early years as ClarkKent/ Superboy while he was attending college (at Shuster University) with his childhood friend, Lana Lang. The show was shot in Florida, USA, at Disney/MGM Studios for the first season, but for the second season (and on-going) was shot at what was called the brand new Universal Studios lot in Orlando, Florida (USA). The show was also shot on campus at the University of Central Florida and in surrounding areas when various, realistic locations were needed.  

There were two Superboys who played the role of Clark Kent / Superboy during its' television heyday: John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher. John Haymes Newton starred in the first season and did 26 episodes. He practiced Tai Chi to prepare himself for flying techniques on Superboy and played Clark as an oridinary young 19 year old. He also used his knowledge of martial arts to fight an alien fight sequence in the episode "The Alien Solution". You can watch and enjoy his love for martial arts in the movie he did called "Desert Kickboxer" - also, be sure to watch him perform the voice of Superman in the fanmade animated 2011 short "Superman Classic".

John and co-star Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang) dated during the first season. Ilya Salkind who had been concerned over the ratings of the show decided to give the cast a complete make-over and replaced John Haymes Newton with Gerard Christopher, Scott Wells (Lex Luthor) with Sherman Howard, and Perry White's son, TJ White (played by Jim Calvert) with IIan Mitchell-Smith (Andy McAllister). After playing Superboy, John Haymes Newton moved on to work on Broadway plays, and a number of major motion pictures including "Cool as Ice" (with Vanilla Ice) and the critically acclaimed "Alive".


John has a small, loyal Superboy fanbase and some fans proclaim they liked him better than the later Christopher, however, season one felt like a TV show of its' own. Newton certainly had the drawback of the mediocre scripts of the first season. But during season two, the writing on the show improved drastically. It became far more comic-booky. Plus, pressure was put on Gerard Christopher to succeed, otherwise, there would be no show said Ilya Salkind. So top DC writers came on board, and Gerard even wrote two later episodes himself titled "Wish for Armageddon" and "Cat and Mouse" . Gerard Christopher also became the producer of the series. Naturally, Gerard had brains and good looks to; he had a degree in Business and was a tri-athelete, making him college smart and  physically strong. He also appeared on the front cover of Muscle magazine.     

Gerard Christopher starred in the last three seasons and is the one who is most remembered and loved for the role. He was in a total of 76 episodes. Gerard Christopher had starred in the early 1980's teen movie called "Tomboy" with Besty Russell who later appeared in a second season episode of Superboy called "Superboy...Rest in Peace". Betsy Russell played an android and went on to star in the mutually successful horror franchise "Saw". Gerard played Clark Kent as "nerdy", wonderfully in-tune with Christopher Reeves's portrayal in the movies. He was very entertaining, and Stacy Haiduk who played Lana Lang in all four seasons professed to me during a lunch outting one day that watching him play Clark used to make her die laughing. 


Gerard loosened up on the "nerdiness" by the third season which, ironically, mirrored John Haymes Newton's original portrayal of the character but not fully. Gerard still did the "nerdy Clark" but only when humor took call. He wore suspenders which was not the latest fashion, but a signature of the new business-nerdy Clark. The full-on "nerdy" portrayal was missed but maybe Clark was growing up afterall. Gerard's second season Superboy costume was also completely in-tune with John Bryne's current DC Superman suit design of that time.  

Lana Lang was played by the attractive, red-headed Stacy Haiduk. She was in all four seasons as Clark's best friend and romanic interest. The chemistry between Superboy and Lana appeared to deepen - Gerard and Stacy made it extremely believable and by the second season Lana would talk more and more about being in love with Superboy. By the thrid season, she was madly in love with Superboy. In the episode "Mindscape", Superboy has a nightmare about Lana loving Clark, his alter-ego. The romantic tension was at an all-time high; if you watch the two-part episodes "A Change of heart" Part 1 and 2, you will see Lana about to give up on Superboy as she gets serious with the rich mongul Adam Verell. However, Verrell turns out to be a thug like every other man in her life except for Superboy.

One of Stacy Haiduk's most remembered performances was in the episode "Neila" (playing alongside attractive guest appearance by Christine Moore as Neila). Neila tries to force Superboy to marry her or else. Lana begs Superboy, utter tears, to go with Neila and marry Neila, not her, only to save the people of Capital City. Neila was threatening Superboy to marry her or else innocent people would suffer. Lana pled to Superboy: "You have to," then said  "but I'll make it easy." In that moment, Lana threw herself over a ledge in turmiol. Superboy flew down to save her like he always did. It wasn't clear if they were in a relationship by the end of the series but Superboy and Lana would most definitely kiss in various scenes. The final epside "Rites of Passage" Part II was their last screen-kiss.


Lex Luthor was played by both Scott Wells (season one) and Sherman Howard (or sometimes credited as Howard Sherman) for the remaining three seasons. Sherman Howard gave a very Joker-like performance and is the one who is most remembered for the part of Lex Luthor on the series. Fans often compare him to Gene Hackman; and some say Sherman Howard is the best Lex Luthor of any Superman/Boy movie or TV series in Superman history. He often built Lex Luthor robots, exact replicas of himself in order to fool Superboy (depicted below).

Tracy Roberts (now Tracy Lewis) played Darla, Lex Luthor's girlfriend (Lex-Girl) and romantic interest on the show. Many point out that Darla was very much in-tune with the Harley Quinn character of Batman nostalgia. Harley Quinn is Batman's girlfriend in Batman the animated series and DC comic books. Like Darla, she is his partner in crime filled with twisted and "mad love" - just like the Darla and Lex Luthor relationship of the Superboy series. Darla disappeared from Luthor's life after the two-part episode "Know Thine Enemy". Fans believe that she may have finally got fed up with Lex and left him for good. Today, Tracy Roberts is actively promoting the Superboy series at conventions around the USA.   

PART II: continue reading about Superboy the TV Series here.


Purchase Superboy the TV Series, the complete series on DVD and itunes.


For information on purchasing Superboy season one on DVD, visit here. Purchase season 2, 3 and 4, starring Gerard Christopher at! Now available on DVD through Warner Brothers Archives via on-demand order. Visit the online WB Shop here and complete your collection the entire series on DVD. Also available on for overseas fans.

More - the complete series of Superboy the TV series is available for purchase on iTunes! You can download the rest of the series in great quality and own it yourself! Click here and you will find the advertisements for all four seasons. For further information, listen to a WB Archive podcast discussion about the DVD releases of Superboy, the TV series here.  


Superboy Epi-log #22

Read this fantastic Superboy Epi-log magazine issue #22. The Television magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, and Adventure, released in Septmeber of 1992. Inside is a complete episode guide of the Superboy TV Series which contains storyline and plot details, information on guest-stars and more! Read it here, at Superboy Theater! To check out the autographed cover of the Epi-logue by both Gerard Christopher and Stacy Haiudk, click here.

  Cover, Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36.




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THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY - Cartoon Series (1966-1969)


The Superboy cartoon series aired on CBS and consisted of 34, 6 minute episodes and it was called The Adventures of Superboy. This series was actually the debut of Superboy on television. To read more about it, click here.

The New Adventures of Superboy - comic book (1980-1984)

Spanning 54 issues, this comic book series pre-dates the John Byrne revamp and revived the legend of The Boy of Steel (Superboy/Clark Kent)! Read all about it at this link.

Ilya Salkind - Creative/Executive Producer (Superboy TV Series).


Ilya Salkind is the Creative and Exective Producer of the Superboy TV Series. He has his own page on this site here. He also produced the legendary films Superman: The Movie, Superman II, Superman III and Supergirl. Visit his company website for updates on everything Ilya Salkind: The Ilya Salkind Company .

Watch the entire feature film On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind Directed and Produced by Rennie Cowan of Superboy Theater:



Find out what the stars of Superboy: The TV Series are doing today! 

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